Leveling Rake

grass in soil

Leveling got easier!

Leveling your lawn got easier with this levelawn, lawn leveling tool.
Get the job done quickly and efficiently

Plant in soil


Ideal for spreading screened topsoil. Front and rear bars are angled to remove and excess material.

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Levelawn – Lawn Leveling Rake

This levelawn is ideal for spreading screened topsoil.

With lawn leveling rake lets you achieve an even distribution of top dressing materials.
With 3 inner open bars, at the top to catch small stones, with the front and rear with angles to remove excess material.

It also helps to distribute application materials, removes small stones from the soil, can possibly break up small lumps of loam, as well as level the ground for easy planting and will follow the contours of golf greens.

round grass

Simple and effective

round grass

Distributes application materials easily

round grass

Breaks up small clods of sand or loam

round grass

Smooths soil for easy planting